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I want to welcome you to The Barone Defense firm. Thank you for coming here and giving us the opportunity to evaluate your chances of winning your case.

That's what we're here for: we want to win your case. You don't want to stand next to you, like many lawyers do, and allow you to plead guilty without even investigating the case and determining whether or not you have a defense.

What we want to do is get all of the information we need from you through the questionnaire, through our investigation of the case, reviewing police reports and video tapes. Also actually looking at the place where the arrest occurred, and determining what we can do to defend your case. We want to try to minimize the impact this will have on you. If we can we will win it all together, make it go away. Make it as if it never happened.

If we can't do that, then of course we want to try to put you in a position where you can receive the best possible sentence from the judge.

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